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Czech Model T-33

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This is my current build as she sits today. Im not giving away the colour scheme yet but you can guess:



So far the kit has been a bit of a pig to put together, i had large gaps around the wing to fuesalage join and had to use alot of tape to hold the fuesalage together while that set buit it builds up nicely and quickly to a nice size model.

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Loved the F/P-80. Have the kit with all the AM stuff for it. Don't really want to start it due to the time it would take to build up correctly. Rick did a "what-if" of one in 56th FS colors in 1946. Tried looking for it. Must be in the SPAR forum bin.

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Czech Model F80 conversion to P80B


WIP log = Facebook Bezoula Builds P80B "262 Killer"

Finished = LSM P80B "262 Killer"


This kit was truly a battle with the wing root fit among other fit issues.  Lots of sanding and scribing.  In the end it was a challenging and fun build and happy with results.


Look forward to see your T33.


Welcome to the forum Ollie!

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