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Anyone else order from this outfit? I've just ordered a couple of things

from them I couldn't find anywhere else at pretty good prices...... Still pretty cheap including

the the shipping. I've ordered from them before without any problems.... But not recently.

What are your experiences? Have things changed with recent covid and supply-chain issues?


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I used to order from them fairly regularly. They do seem to have stuff that other places don't. 

Haven't had any issues with stock from them, shipping has been a bit slow but they're offering air mail to Canada so that should speed things up a bit. 

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2 hours ago, Peterpools said:


Any news on when the item will be delivered?


No, nothing definite in tracking. USPS says they're waiting for the package but they

must have it. Lately , I've found that tracking from Things shipped from California doesn't

Update until they are practically delivered and that's were it last was. Anyway, it'll get

here eventually. Now if it were UPS.................

Update: It's in Carol Stream, Illinois at a Shipping partner waiting for

transfer to USPS....so within a day or so.

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Items arrived from Hobby easy today!

It wasn't a big order, but of an order of hard to find items. Both Tamiya.

The shipping time was 16 days and I'm pleased!

I will post items in the What did you just get? Thread.

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I ordered a kit again from Hobbyeasy. Yes another Tamiya kit this time their  Hetzer

kit (35285) released in 2007. A hard to find kit kit in stock unless you buy it in the costly With "metal barrel and

photo-etch" version. I don't expect it anytime soon and really don't need it right away

Anyway, but I'm glad to have found it.

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