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He 219/Avia LB-79


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Hey all,


Was hanging around the Luftwaffe Experten boards and found this..



Captured and evaluated by the Soviets, given to the Czechs in nonflying condition, rebuilt by Avia from wrecks, and flown in Czech service until 1952,


Pretty neat, huh?  This will probably be on my to do list with the other half-started projects in my basement... ^_^


Any clue what colors its painted in?  The blue is too dark for RLM 65 and the green..?  RLM 71?


Any ideas?


Cheers,   Ian


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  • 3 years later...

Hey all,


Been 3 1/2 years since I posted this thread.

A lot has changed since then,  my divorce was final, lost my house, gained a new fiancee, moved to Florida, sold 90% of my stash, (including the He 219 I originally started this thread with) got away from the hobby for a time, gained three more grandchildren, yeah, its been a ride.....;)


But I'm trying to get back into building again, so I reactivated my account and here I am.  .

So, did we ever come to a consensus of what the colors were for this aircraft?


Cheers,  Ian

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So what else have you been doing these past 3 1/2 years?:)

Just kidding. Sorry to hear about your experiences.

But more importantly, have you got a replacement kit to continue this epic project?:D


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