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USMC M1A1 Abrams "War Pig"

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Progress has been inching along EXTREMELY slowly. I've managed to strugle my way through a good portion of the mine plow I ripped off from the Trumpeter 5 in 1 Abrams. Detail is good but parts quality was a real mess here. A whole lotta flash and even more mold lines and ejector pins are really giving me some major headaches. I still have the plow blades themselves to go and I've been totally unmotivated to do any sort of work at all on them for the last week and a half. <_<




Got the headlamps done as well. More ill placed pin marks, mold lines, and alignment issues but I made it through.




And here's the first major test fit of all the components. I have some very impolite thoughts about the Academy turret and will keep those to myself. Let's just say there's reasons why a Trumpeter turret is sitting up there instead.



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Working up the mine plow a little more today. It's so close and I'm so....unmotivated. That and there's been an issue lately where if I'm in the garage and my family uses the microwave it trips the breaker causing all my lights to go out :|

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