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Kagero B-25J Mitchell in Combat over Europe (MTO) with decals


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B-25J Mitchell in Combat over Europe

(Mediterranean Theatre of Operations)

SMI Library 06


By Marek Katarzynski




As the title says, this book focuses on the use of the B-25J Mitchell in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations. What is highlighted are exclusively USAAF B-25J's.


The book is made up of 80 pagesof photos and artwork clarified by English/Polish text. It starts out with a short introduction on the use of the B-25 by the USAAF's 12th Air Force. The book is predominantly a photo book, featuring the B-25J's from the 310th, 319th, 321st and 340th Bomb Groups operating over Italy and the Balkans from airfields at Corsica.








The photos and captions mention the Bomb Group and Bomb Squadron identifiers on the planes, as well as describing the colour schemes or rather how the Olive Drab over Natural Metal scheme came into being. The photos are put together by BG. After all BG's have made their appearance, we arrive at the "Color Gallery", featuring 9 pages of colour photos (of mainly noses with nose-art), again sorted by BG. The final part is made up of 7 pages of colourful top- and sideviews, including the 3 decal options.








The icing on the cake is the decal sheet, featuring 3 different B-25J's in the 3 different scales of 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32. One of those schemes would really be a candidate for my own 1/32 HK B-25J glass nose bomber if I hadn't already decided to build it into a Dutch example flying against the Japanese in 1945. But I still have a Revell/Monogram 1/48 B-25J in the stash, heheheheh! Aside from the above mentioned top and sideviews there are also photos in the book of all 3 subjects of which one is in the colour section.




The decal sheet is printed by Cartograf, need I say more? That'll mean sharply printed and opaque decals! To clarify: I only post the 1/32 part of the decal sheet. Rest assured there is also a 1/48 and 1/72 part! Kagero have even supplied an extra tail number for "M.M.R." in 1/48 although I have failed to see what is wrong on the original sheet...


Conclusion: Although I'm quite familiar with the B-25, I wasn't with the photos in this book. I really like the subject and am very happy with the decals that are supplied with this book. These give you the possibility to finish that B-25J in a very original and attractive scheme!


Very highly recommended!


Our thanks go to Kagero for supplying LSM with the review sample.


Erik Bosch

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