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Where’s all the new decal releases?


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Not sure if it’s my imagination, but before the pandemic mess it seemed we were getting new decals from various companies on a regular basis.   When McEntire ANG base showed off the new wild weasel tail art, decals were out ASAP.  When Shaw showed off their new stuff, decals came out shortly after. 
Couple months back Nellis showed off the new F-35 Splinter scheme.  Crickets. Nothing.  Nada.

Caracal announced he was going to put out decals for the Revell re-release of the old Harrier kit.  Then he announced he was no longer going to do 1/32 since they were such slow/bad sellers.  Didn’t Two Bobs also get out of 1/32 as well?   

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Odd that, isn’t it, Scott?  

We get a brand new release of a 109, along with a Helldiver, a Vampire, and a long awaited shark nose Curtiss Hawk, and there’s literally nothing new released for them.

The Helldiver is seriously slim pickin’s, which is a real surprise to me. 

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FWIW, I was just over on the ARC website and looking at the Sponsors forums.  Place is like a ghost town.

Zacto hasn’t checked in since Nov. 19, 2021.  Although his web page has a banner up saying that both him and his wife have covid and they are temporary closed. Not sure how long this has been up, I hope all is well with them. 

GT Resin’s Gary hasn’t been around since March 21st. (I did see something online, but not going to discuss it openly out of respect for Gary and his family) 

Starting to wonder if the covid pandemic has taken the wind out of these cottage industry folks in our hobby. 

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