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No 3D cockpit options for the T-28? UPDATE!


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Just an update.  I got an email from Quinta today that they will be producing the T-28 set next year! 


After ordering another T-28 kit I went looking for a 3D cockpit since the Quinta worked so well in my Texan.  Welp…:hsmack: Nothing from Quinta or Red Fox for this big open bathtub of a cockpit. 

Anyone else making these yet?  I did shoot Quinta an email asking if they had any intentions of producing for the T-28.  Probably never hear back from them anyway, and seeing how they are in Russia I’m expecting a visit from the State Department or DOJ anytime now for collaboration. 

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^^^Booo this man!  I don’t like that answer. 

But yea, it was the first thing that came to mind. Might let them stew in the stash a little longer and move on to another project.  Hopefully things will pick up in our scale. 

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