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  1. Welcome to the forums! That sub is indeed a large model - though not nearly as big as Dragon's 1/72 Saturn V. I look forward to seeing your build.
  2. I needed a break from WNW for a little while, so I pulled this Bf109 K4 off the SOD. A quick shake and bake build - until I opened the box and found the Aires cockpit... The IP is a clear cast resin piece. I mixed a drop of food coloring with Micro Kristal Klear to mask the dial faces.
  3. I use those all the time, Harv. But they're MUCH cheaper in bulk! https://www.amazon.com/Akstore-Disposable-Applicators-Individual-Compatible/dp/B07PPH1KTX/ref=sr_1_66?dchild=1&keywords=mascara%2Bbrush&qid=1615423966&sr=8-66&th=1
  4. Excellent progress, Carl. I love this kit almost as much as I love the plane.
  5. Got one, Harv. Engines & Things #32041. PM me your address!
  6. I haven't finished my Lanc, nor my Thud, nor my Felixstowe - though I've declared 2021 to be the year I clear some space on my SOD. The centerpiece of my finished builds has to be the Phantom.
  7. Luckily, I have plenty of decals remaining from my build of #32006 as well (I chose Holtzem's mount). The only thing I need for this one is some Airscale instruments!
  8. No decals version, but the price was reasonable...
  9. I've been on an engine kick of late... Also, my two Fokkers are nearing completion...
  10. Bill_S


    I've noticed that their instruction manuals are available as downloadable .pdf files. I wish they'd do the same for their archive photos.
  11. Bill_S


    There's been a LOT of speculation, of whether the molds will be sold to another entity and so on. I personally think they're gone and gone for good. I don't understand why the website is still up though.
  12. Just saw this... Thanks for keeping us posted, Ernie. As for you, Harv - hopefully you'll find out (like I did) that it's totally survivable. I've got three stents; the first two (after a mild heart attack) were put in through the groin. The third one went in through the wrist. This was well over 10 yerars ago. Get well soon, my friend!
  13. Jerry, I used to use that glue, but Testors put a red plastic piece in the nozzle that makes it impossible to clear clogs. I found this at a local craft store. Same stuff, but with an applicator brush in the lid.
  14. Welcome back, Peter. I look forward to seeing your builds!
  15. No power... ugh. The main reason that I will only own a gas stove. At least you can generate some heat ( and make lots of cookies).
  16. I'm an hour east of Buffalo. Welcome to my world! The good news for you is that it shouldn't last long. We'll have it until April.
  17. Thanks, Harv. It's good to be back!
  18. It's been far too long since I updated. I've been fighting a massive headache since October, and I'm finally over the hump. Without further ado... Argus As.II Daimler-Mercedes D.I I'm inclined to use the D.I engine and the orange-ish boxtop scheme. A couple of decals and a wash, and I'll finally be ready to close the fuselage.
  19. I don't fault the sender at all. This was the US Postal Service.
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