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  1. John, I did a search on "Floquil thinner substitue" and this came up from TOS... Gregory, Your local hardware store should sell lacquer thinner by the quart or gallon for a very reasonable price. On the other hand, I prefer xylene (also known as xylol), which is the principal component of Dio-Sol and also is sold inexpensively by the quart or gallon at any good hardware store — wherever I've lived in the USA, at least — or via the Internet. Xylene/xylol is strong stuff, however, so be careful with it. A 2:1 mixture of xylene and lacquer thinner comes quite close to being home-made Dio-Sol. Charles Metz
  2. I built this paint rack years ago; it's served me well. A piece of pegboard, some aluminum angle and some screws... you can make one as big as you need.
  3. Two different sources, same color. I can't find any reference on the web as to mislabeled Alclad lacquers. I have no clue what the lighter colored one is. This was shipped from Japan via DHL. I've never seen a kit packed this way, but it got to me in pristine condition. Got this one at a very good price. The first this I did was put it in a conventional box.
  4. Wow is right! Most generous of you, Herbert.
  5. Please count me in, Ernie. Thanks in advance for your efforts once again! My donation:
  6. Makes it sound to me like the Meng deal was legit.
  7. Bill_S


    I read somewhere long ago about car modellers using thread to cut doors out...
  8. So sad to hear of Dale's passing. He fought hard for a long time. RIP my friend.
  9. Incredible stuff there, John. That MG42 was bad ass!
  10. Try this, Mike http://www.aerohistorians.org/Other/Tamiya_paint_mixes_4-17.pdf
  11. Revell He-219. Base color of RLM 76 is done. Now onto that "splotch camouflage. Any have any wisdom on how to do it?
  12. I think we all have a kit or two that has languished on the SOD. Finishing some of those would be a great theme for a group build.
  13. Nice haul there, Harv. Shark64 has set the bar pretty high for you!
  14. Pulling this one forward. Hopefully it will be ready for my club's show at the end of the month. Ready for an undercoat of RLM 66 prior to priming the nose with Mr. Surfacer 1500.
  15. Only a 15 hour drive. Definitely doable...
  16. Hope you get back on track quickly, Harv!
  17. Rob, you did a beautiful job on those chairs. I spend a lot of time camping in the Adirondacks; those chairs are common around here. They're surprisingly comfortable.
  18. A couple of days ago, Harv. I'm officially eligible for the senior citizen discount!
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