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Eyelets for Rigging..................and more

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Very good eyelets can be found at Bob Buckles, or are you doing these things themselves

What you need is wire with a thickness of max. 0.10 mm.

Such wire is often found in old fan motors for PCs.
These wires there are in pure copper or tinned copper.
The tinned is better, it does not necessarily have painted.

A good flat tweezers and an old 0.2 mm drill.
This drill is glued with cyano in a plastic stick because the drill can hold up better in the hand.
The wire is placed in a loop around the drill and twisted with the tweezers.
Cut to length - done.







Well, what you can do with it?

Several things.

You can use as an eye for rigging your wingnut bird.
Here on the upper wing of the WNW Albatros .
The kit holes are to be too large.........




..........but, we make it even bigger. Here 0.5 mm.




In these holes a 0.5 mm plastic rod is glued .





When the glue has dried, the plastic rod is cut directly to the wing.




In the middle of the plastic rod, whe drill a hole with 0.2 mm hole diameter.




Our eyelet is glued into this hole .




Pay attention to the orientation of the eyelets , they are always aligned in the drawing direction of the tension wire .
See original image.............




.............and also 32 times smaller




Let the glue dry and paint the eyelets with Gunze RLM02  - done.

Now you have your own perfecte homemade eyelets at the correct scale ratio.






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Always a pleasure to see these well explained, well photographed tutorials.  Some of the finest I have yet seen!

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