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Fokker E.III 105/15, Ernst Udet, KeK Habsheim, March 1916 (62 victories)


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I was trying to keep it a secret :ph34r: , so that when when i screw it all up no one would notice!  :unsure:


Forgive me for some of the bonehead post.  I have second and some third degree burns on my legs and the medicine is making me loopy!  Hopefully going back to work next week!

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I haven't been able to do much, still getting a lot of supplies together.  But I did start on a couple of things and wanted to share some of them.  


I received the Taurus Models Oberursel engine and may start working on it today...its all so tiny!





I decided to try some scratch building and went with opening a couple of the doors in the cockpit

I still have some fitting, sanding and thinning to do but its getting there.  IMGP0081_zpsae32e643.jpg







Also went ahead and tried my hand at the air pump. Have a couple of things redo to clean it up and make the lines more crisp and bring the caps into scale. Also build some "meat" into the handle and clean it up.




 I am very slow at building due to low confidence level and lack of supplies, but chugging along.  


Comments, good or bad are VERY welcome!  






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This is looking just great Jon, that pump is very very pretty indeed and a superb bit of scratch building.   


Personally, I'm just amazed that you're able to carry on with it considering the nasty burns to your legs and I sincerely hope that they heal up nicely (and quickly).


Great stuff, I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Oberursel U1 ! It really is a superb exercise in casting .. you've got to love Taurus products.

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Good start! Now give us more pics of the Onerursel U1 WIP :)...please


Man, all of you are WAY to kind!  


The motor!  WOW!  Love it!  Its so sinking small though that I'm scared to mess with it until i mess other stuff up first.   :rolleyes:


Thank you for the thoughts about my burns.  They are getting better but still having some issues that I will definitely get through.


I have an update!


After looking more closely at the door that I cut and opened, I wasnt happy.  The walls were to thick and didnt look right from the outside.  Especially the groove, so, that said I cut it out, thinned the walls and roughed in the track.  I still have a lil filling and shaping to do.  It looks so big in the pictures that I'm like, man that looks so crooked and ugly LOL!  


It does make the aluminum side look more to scale and the door more flush to the wall, not great but better.




I scratched off the molded wing pins on the rear cockpit panel and added some the tabs.  I stretched some sprue to mulitple thicknesses and added them to mimic the wire and pin.




Ok, because I like asking for trouble I cut the ( I am going to take the liberty to call it a quadrant) and punched out some round .010" thick bits. Placing some of the left over sprue from before to mimic the controls, I sandwiched them between the rounds.  (No Pics), but its in the overall pic.  I may redo it because the split got too much glue in it to make a clean line.


I tried my hand at wood effect and am pleasantly surprised.  It has some resemblance of a board.  I didnt add grain effect all the way across thinking that as the Udet stepped in, and more than likely from the same way every time, it would wear the wood and give it the solid look.  Artistic flavor?? LOL


Here it is roughed together.  I also cleaned up the hand pump.  And the rigging..??  I tried using the 1/48 turnbuckles thinking they were more to scale in this area and had no luck getting it to coperate...too small!  I did it with the 1/32 and they appear very big in this pic but dont look too bad in the flesh.  The front ones i took more stretched sprue and placed it on the wire to mimic them and well its ok.  Any suggestions, thoughts?


Thank you for the long winded post!




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Ok.  If I have too LOL!


As I said earlier I have a couple of touch up items and finishes that work is preventing me from doing, but it wont take too long when i do get the chance.


All of the white and crosses are painted.  i didnt feel like messing with the decals.


Thanks for looking and it WAS FUN!













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