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WnW Decalling woes


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Tried applying, using water and hairdryer method and this was the result.





Can anyone help me resolve this? I have tried soaking with Micro-Sol to no avail. If it can't be fixed, I may have to sand off and switch schemes. Any advice gratefully received.

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No sanding needed. Prick each bubble with a needle or new #11. Reapply Micro Sol liberally. Let it sit. I usually do this before hitting the rack. That way it sits unobserved for a few hours. Because, as we all know. Nothing works as we want it while were sitting there watching it. 

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Hi Paul and Jeroen


I used a mix of Gunze and Tamiya to get the PC10 and this dried to a glossy consistency, so I didn't bother putting a gloss coat on (stands back and waits for howls of derision from the crowd). The fin flash went on OK. Yes, I am very impatient, but did leave it over night for the Micro-Sol to work after pricking the bigger bubbles. I shall try again tonight.

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Try Solvaset or Mr. Mark Softer...they're definitely more potent.

I don't have any of those in at the moment. I may have to bite the bullet and sand it off if the Micro-Sol can't hack it. I should be able to adapt a roundel from one of the other schemes to replace it.

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Mike, I normally place the decal and then all the water out underneath with a cotton bud. Once most of the water is gone, that's when I hit with the hair dyer.


Try what Jeroen has said with the sol... If you have no luck let me know and I will have some spare decals for you. No need of sanding them just use some masking tape to remove them.

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Having trouble getting hold of Solvaset and Mr Mark in Canada. Solvaset is considered to be hazmat apparently and postage rates from the States are a killer at the moment. If anyone knows of an outlet for the Mr. Mark products, then please let me know as I would like to add them to my armoury.



thanks for the advice. I may have been too quick off the mark with the hairdryer. I think the decal is ruined so if you do have a spare you could send me, that would be wonderful.



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