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Rivet decals


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I did, when I was trying to restore rivets and have them under the foil of my Fisher STM. In this case, Archer was the way to go.

In short, Archer is for dome rivets, so that is basically for older types of airframes. As Gary mentioned, Woody, Archer’s founder, is retiring and Archer is going out-of-business. You will have to source dome rivets from other sources, like railroad rivets from Mikro-Mark, but they may be overscale or with a wrong spacing for an aircraft (never have bought them to validate my doubts, TBH).

HPH is for flush rivets. Better than the divots of some brands on a modern airframe or jet. They have a very fine relief. So they work well under a thin coat of paint, and if if you lightly scrub or sand the top paint coat, they will become visible with a realistic effect. Gary is doing a great job with them on his Me-109.

To sum-up, different products, for different uses and results.


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6 hours ago, harv said:

I have an Archer set for my 190. Was just curious......harv

Well...   I would use them before they got too old.  I don;t know if anyone else makes a set for the FW..

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