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1/35 Bronco Humber Scout Car Diorama ....Resins to be cheerful ...

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A couple a years ago I built Bronco's rather nice Humber Scout Car . I like Bronco , the complexity is nice but not overwhelming , the seem to like doing odd British subjects no one else goes near , and the moulding are good . I did their Comet around the same time , before Tamiya brought theirs out last year. 

As with a lot of my 1/35 , if it's a keeper ( normally for a couple of years or so ) they don't get a diorama as I deliberately restrict my display space to stop over proliferation . A lot of what I build esp German stuff goes up for sale quite quite, as I like building rather than collecting . I figure if I miss it I can build it again but probably better. 


Anyhow ..

The Scout car as it was .













See - nice mouldings , even the rubber tyres . 





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Ok so why bring this up now , this is old news right ? 

So having had a bit of a mare with the last resin work I wanted to get straight back on the horse and see if I could do better 

So , some nicer Styrofoam the white not grey . Much easier to work 




Lining the bed with AL foil . This maybe overkill , but resin leaching into the foam even after sealing with PVA is a major source of bubbles irritations that you can't stop once you've poured. 




I follow a few "Maker" channels on Youtube, a lot of whom do fantasy stuff ....I'm happy to learn where ever. So tried this trick , cast plaster of Paris into rolled up foil tray  to get a rock surface .....genius if an old trick ! 




Eh .....whatcha think ? Hot melted in place 




Blended using Sculptamold which I've used for a while , basically wood pulp and plaster mix. Railway people use it a lot . 




Then all painted in a PVA/Black paint mix to seal it all up and black base it   . Left for 48 hours to harden up .





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Intrigued to follow this. Only diorama I've built was a very recent, vary basic one for the Bronco Comet and some nice ideas there on how to improve for the next attempt.

I did enjoy the Bronco kit. It was the first of theirs I've built and as you say detailed but not too complicated,

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  • PanzerWomble changed the title to 1/35 Bronco Humber Scout Car Diorama ....Resins to be cheerful ...
21 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

The base looks great. I have the Humber car with twin Vickers in the stash that I need to build. I find Bronco kits are a bit like Miniart  ones, lost of small parts and great details. 

Agreed , very similar the two companies . I did the Miniart Dingo, a great model but very small for the part count . 

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1 hour ago, Peterpools said:

Some mighty fine work on creating the diorama base as the scenery and details look wonderful.

In my model railroad days, I must have spent more then 700% of my time doing scenery and structures. 

I agree - it adds considerably to any build time. Average tank to me  is 4-6 days work, average diorama is upwards of 10-30 , esp if I start adding buildings or water.  This has been a bit easier as it's only 8 inches square.

Did two large involved ones last year , both were about a months work or so .

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Getting there , don't fret over the water , it's just freshly applied medium , it'll settle down .

Got a couple of fellas to add in , maybe some bushes ? 

Next up -hopefully glamour shots -but between work , moving and family stuff I'm struggling to find time this month . 





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