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HUGE Shout out


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So............ I managed to acquire a couple WNW kits.... I know, should have done it years ago, but ... anyway, I got the one I really wanted, and it is the Sopwith Triplane,     (Thanks Carl for the timely advice ) and I managed to secure a Camel and DVII from the UK..... I watch Mike's ( Sandbagger) builds intently.... so I think I would like to try, I mean 'try', did I say try..?? My hand at doing a bi plane or triplane... I am getting to the point... so knowing how nice Mike's builds turnout, I thought I need to give Aviattic decals a go..... so I placed an order with Richard for CDL, and dark doped linnen decals............ well they arrived today, in perfect condition only 10 days from posting in England... not bad.... I open the package and notice there are THREE sheets one of the CDL, and two of the dark,  sheets. A small note was in the pack, he said he included a second sheet of the dark, because the other sheet had a scratch..... it was a very small scratch, that I actually had to look for... I want to give a major shout out to Richard for his honesty and huge generosity, he didn't have to send a second sheet, and like some vendors could have said oh well too bad for you, BUT he didn't . I am extremely impressed and he has shown me that there are still some very good people in this crazy world. So a big shout out to Aviattic, I will be back, and I hope to do the decals justice..   awesome customer care !!

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33 minutes ago, ScottsGT said:

Way to go!  I love seeing these built.  But I’m not the type for patients for all that rigging.  I’d lose my ever loving mind.  

Well, it's gonna be a 'try'.. :rolleyes:

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I'd love to have the skills and patience to pull off building one of these kits......about

the only one I think I could is that little Junkers monoplane.....love that one.

And, these kits are too costly for me. I'm happy to live vicariously through others and

witness one being built. Please post your build!


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