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Mercedes D.III / D.IIIa intake manifolds.

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During my many visits to the museums, I noticed that the intake pipes at the Mercedes engines were manufactured offen of different materials.
I have seen intake manifolds made from steel, brass sheet and copper.

This applies, however, only the intake pipes which were not manufactured in two layers.

I mean the intake pipes without water jacket in our case.

The intake pipes were usually (not always) painted with a dark (black?) color.
The museums in Munich and Oberschleißheim have some of these engines as exhibits .

I liked very much the version with the dark painted copper intake pipes. I also wanted to represent this in the model.

Some dents were attached to the intake manifolds at the WNW Pfalz D.IIIa - engine (see yellow arrows) .
You know, I mean our old, rotten, worn-out workhorse ................ .




The Kit-part intake manifolds were painted in several thin layers with Tamiya XF -6 " Copper".




After that, some thin layers of Tamiya " Semi-gloss-black" were painted.



After the paint had dried well , the black color was polished off - very, very carefully -, with very fine steel wool.





But not polish-of everything of the black color! The dents must must remain black!




Here the almost ready-of Mercedes D.IIIa engine from the Jasta 37 Pfalz D.IIIa.

I tink, the copper/black intake manifold looks not too bad............. :huh:




And here are the intake manifolds of the WNW Albatros D.V.





The Albatros Mercedes D.III at an early stage of construction.
Many, many details were added afterwards.......................... :rolleyes: 






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That is just fantastic. I'll use that tip, and others on the Albatros I'm starting soon. Are those extra Taurus details I can see (crown cap fasteners on the manifolds?)


I'd love some tips on how you do those amazing wiring looms to the magnetos and spark plugs. I always struggle with those.

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I'm with James on the wiring Bertl. It looks very tidy and orderly in your photo, something I'd like to emulate.



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Awesome post yet again. I had a couple of questions for you.


A few years ago when you were posting on the aerodrome forum you had offed me a set of you're cnc Albatros parts. I disappeared for a couple years and am just getting back into the hobby, but id love to take you up on the offer if you still have a set. i know you were only making a few so I completely understand if they are long gone.


Regardless id love to know more about the other parts youve made with the mill and how it fits into you're detailing.


Also i wanted to find out about your source for the small springs on the engine and seat belts. Are you hind winding them or have you found a good source for small diameter springs?


All the best!



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Oh, a general question, Ive seen asbestos wrapping on some manifolds, was this common, or just on some machines? its a nice detail to add if its relevant. but im not sure if it was a rarity.



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