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COMING SOON 1:32 Salmson 2-A2 decals, from Pheon Models

James H

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BREAKING NEWS: 1:32 Salmson 2-A2 decal sets
Pheon Models


Well, the Wingnut Wings Salmson 2-A2 kits have barely hit the benches of modellers, and Pheon Models are already on the case, with not one, but THREE brand new sets which will really add some sparkle to your latest purchase. We have the images here for you to look at right now, so you better start to plan your project. If you don't have a Salmson yet, shame on you! Check out our review HERE, and head over to Wingnut Wings to purchase yours. These new decal sets are to be produced on an interest-only basis. You need to notify Pheon Models of your intention to purchase, and when the pre-orders are there, the presses will roll. You have until January 14th 2014 to mail them!


"Here are our proposed decals for the new Wingnut Wings Salmson 2A2; two sets for units of France's Aeronautique Militaire and the third set for the US Air Service and a Polish post-WWI example"


32048 Salmson 2A2 in French Service Volume One



Nine examples from units:

SPA 102, SAL 1, SAL 14, SAL 17, SAL 263, SAL 288, SAL 33, SAL 39 and SAL 74







32049 Salmson 2A2 in French Service Volume Two



Nine examples from units:

SAL 259, SAL 18, SAL 40, SAL 71, SAL 16, SAL 580 (Used in Poland post WWI), SAL 10, SAL 32 and SAL 58.







32050 Salmson 2A2 in USAS and Polish Service



Seven examples from six USAS Aero Squadrons, the 24th, 88th, 90th, 99th, 104th and 258th plus a single example in post WWI Polish service, ex French unit SAL 582.




Prices will be:

32048 £12.75

32049 £12.75

32050 £14.00


As can be seen, these decals require many colours and as most will know, each additional colour in screen printing results in a separate printing operation, hence more colours equals higher cost. We are seeking firm pre-orders for these three sets and if enough are forthcoming we would hope to have them ready towards the end of February – faster if the orders come in quickly.


Customers who place firm pre-orders before 14th January 2014 will, of course, get considerable price advantages with the French sets 32048 and 32049 reduced to £11.00 each and orders for both these sets will receive a further reduction to £20.00 for the pair. Pre-orders for 32050 will get the set for £12.00.


As always, no money is asked for on pre-orders and you will only be sent a Paypal invoice when the decal sets are ready to send out.

An announcement for decals in 48th scale for the Gaspatch kit will follow under a separate notice in the next few days.

To order, head over to our website and send us an email.





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Thanks for putting this up over the holiday time, James and thanks for the great comments, you chaps.


I'd been working on digging out photos of the Salmson for a while and gradually building up the drawings in expectation of the Wingnut and Gaspatch kits on the horizon, I just had to wait to see what WNW were going to do with their marking options before I selected the ones for our sets. I've really enjoyed delving into French escadrille markings in particular and it has given me plenty of ideas for future decals - I think the Roden Nieuport 27 could do with some decent schemes as well as some detail parts.... we'll see. I just hope these tickle enough interest - I love German markings as much as the next WWI modeller but they didn't have a monopoly on colourful paintwork.


I'm waiting for my DH9 to be delivered and then we'll see what can be done for that one!



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