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RAF final flight C130's


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The last flight of the RAF's C130s takes place today , with a tour of the country by three final aircraft , ending a 56 year use of the type by the UK . Most have now gone to Marshalls in Cambridge, where no doubt they will be spruced up and sold on . Living near Brize Norton , I wandered down to the end of the runway to take some pics . I think that the last of my "childhood aircraft" from the 1970's now retired barring Puma . We are now using Airbus Atlas JCS (job creation scheme) , with money that was to buy the final 8 aircraft now going to fix the issues with the 22 the RAF already owns ....go figure ...oh and "them" reckon it's hopeless for their needs too.










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11 hours ago, KevinM said:

With proper maintenance those things fly forever?We have the Hurricane Hunters at KAFB no more than 10/15 minutes from the driveway and they fly into some serious storms.What's the replacement?:dontknow:

Airbus A400M Atlas ....usual Eurobodge consortium effort ....designed by Committee .....late....over weight ....over budget .....Wiki gives you a lot of the tale . UK airframes were at least 25 years old , & yes you can make anything run forever if you want to throw money at it but it becomes a loosing game if the capabilities date as well as the maintenance costs soar. 

Upside - Carries more for further than C130 , should be cheaper to run as you need less aircraft for same capability....but no where near as agile for rough surface landings. Given UK defence cuts I wonder how longer before the RAF can airlift the whole of the Army in one lift . 



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