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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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Essentially OOB except for a Aires cockpit. Painted with Testor's MM, Colourcoats, Alclad and Mr. Color. Decals from Eaglecals with reference to Crandall's Vol. 1 on the FW-190D's, page 191. Nice looking very late war '190 I think. I hope you like it.

7-30-23 001.jpg

7-30-23 002.jpg

7-30-23 003.jpg

7-30-23 004.jpg

7-30-23 005.jpg

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3 minutes ago, Peterpools said:


Brilliant build. Love the scheme and the look of the 190. 🏆

Thanks. I like those very late war schemes since they were "different" from all the earlier schemes. :)

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3 hours ago, Spitfire said:

That looks great, and finished before I had time to read the build thread.



Thank you Dennis. I had started this build a few weeks ago but put it back in the box for "later". This was "later" LOL. I'm pleased with the way it turned out and I'm glad you like it also. :)

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