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Aircraft compass's and other collectables


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Just got a "new" addition to my collection of RAF WW II a/c compasses. A well worn Type P6 that still has the liquid in it which is a bit unusual as they usually don't still have the liquid. I just happened to see it on ebay with a great price (less than $50 and free shipping). Here it is with a couple of my other compasses (I have several more!). I though some of you might enjoy seeing this just for grins.

9-1-23 001.jpg


9-1-23 002.jpg

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30 minutes ago, PanzerWomble said:

He he , if we are doing show and tell - this is my Bendix Compass, my Grandfather (Royal Navy) "liberated it" from a written off PBM Mariner some time late 1944 . Been in the family ever since. 










Excellent! In great condition too. :)

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15 minutes ago, Peterpools said:

Hi John

Somew mighty neat RAF and USAAF collectables. Never knew these were around for collecting and a nice piece of history to own. Always wanted to collect old analog aircraft instruments and just may give it a shot. 



Agreed Peter. You can find lots of collectables on ebay and other memorabilia sites. Some reasonable, some definately not! LOL (I have a pair of Luftwaffe flying boots which are in good condition I plan to let go if I can find a buyer.)

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