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WNW Albatros D.v WIP

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Here's a couple of the pics I had previously loaded when I initially started the build. I had built more, when my previously mentioned heart surgery put this on hold. I'll get some pics of where I'm at now as soon as I can.



This is the kit Mercedes DIII engine with Taurus timing gear, intake nuts and HGW plug wires attached, prior to painting.



Here's the right side control panel, after I modified it to creat switches. I used model railroad screws with a bent brass rod glued into the center to simulate the switch.



Same panel after initial paint. I realized later that the top switch is actually a guage, so I've since replaced it.



Resin seat, cushion, exhaust and intake manifolds.



Here's the kit seat on the left, and the resin seat on the right. I really liked the cushion detail.



And finally, a word to the wise. When bringing your plans for a building to work in order to tweak them, don't leave them where your co-workers can access them! Otherwise, you end up with a nifty sign and pilot drawn in.....

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So, as promised, here's the pics of where I stand right now. With the exception of some weathering and such, the engine is mounted, the cockpit done, and fuselage together. I was working on the Spandaus, when my uncooperative fingers launched some tiny photo etch parts across the garage, which convinced me to put it up before I did any damage. 








Once I finish assembliing the guns, I can install them and get busy. I'm starting to get that excitement building up again, which is good!


Thanks for looking, and as always, any criticism, good or bad, is welcome. I don't cry, (for long, anyway :D )

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Just a brief update.


I've figured out what and how to re-start my Alby, so tomorrow, (after picking up some supplies), I should be back on it. In the meantime, I've been trying my hand at carving my own props. After 4 failed attempts, I think I've got it. Not well enough to put one on my own bird, mind you, but well enough to use as background fodder in my diorama. I have built a small workshop facade to pose my Albatros in front of, and up until my prop carving, I had no idea what kind of repairs would be done at said shop. Problem solved!


For the record, when attempting to carve the graded twist in a laminated block, it's best NOT to use a chisel blade.... :huh:

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Finally got to throw some paint on my D.V. Felt good to be working on it again after this protracted winter.



As you can see, I've got the wings and fuselage covered. Now it's on to the spars and some detail work!

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Here's a few more pics to show where I'm at. It's getting closer, and I'm hoping to start the rigging in another week or so.



Overhead of the cockpit. Nothing special really. It amazes me at the simplicity of the flight controls.



Mounted the engine, covers and twin Spandaus. The white dust is from another project I was sanding. One of the major drawbacks to ANYTHING painted black!



And an overhead of most of the bird. You can see in the back, I have the landing gear assembled, but don't dare mount them until I'm done ham-fisting the plane. Very fragile little guys! Still working on some of the detail stuff, mostly the lower radiator on the upper wing. I'm trying to do the PE one with the louvres, but those slats are a mind-numbing, eye-crossing nightmare :wacko:. If worse comes to worse, I'll combine the PE with the kit parts and save what little sanity I have left!


As always, thanks for looking!


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After three mind numbing weeks, I finally got my Albatros radiator finished. This is part of the PE set from HGW, and is fantastic! The actuator rod actually opens and closes the louvres.




Here it is mounted in the underside of the upper wing. I've given it a base coat fo Model Master Steel.




And to keep from losing my mind entirely, I hand carved 5 props out of small pieces of laminate glued together. I've numbered them, since I can't decide which one I like best. I figured I'd post them and see what you guys think.




Now the rest of the assembly will be easy. At least until it's time to run rigging!

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Since I somehow lost the actuator handle for the louvres, so I decided to scratchbuild one out of brass rod and styrene. It seemed to work.








I'm not much of a scratchbuilder yet. I've developed the skills, but I've spent my time using them for HO trains and equipment, so this is a major step up in scale, and will require a little practice. I'm pretty sure I'll pick it up fairly quick.


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