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1:32nd scale Bristol Scout C 1264

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Hi all,
I previously built the Copper State Models 1:32nd scale Bristol Scout C, serial No.1260 of No.5 Wing (RNAS), operating from Dover as part of Home Defence in 1916.

I'm now building the same model, but Scout serial No.1264, as it is now, flown by owner/builder David Bremner.
This model is of aircraft as flown by David's grandfather, Sub. Lt. Francis Holden ‘Bunnie’ Bremner of No.2 Wing (RNAS), operating from the Greek island of Thasos, off the coast of Bulgaria, during 1916.

This aircraft can be built from the kit, but only as it was during WW1.

However, David's present reproduction aircraft has differences, primarily in the cockpit.
These differences require the following modifications to the cockpit:

Remove the opening panel in the cockpit rear cross member
Remove the control lever from the upper right longeron
Fit the Pulsometer to cockpit right side frame and add associated pipe
Replace Tachometer drive with lead wire
Fit curved quarter panels at the front and rear of the cockpits upper longerons
Create engine controls (with control rods) at the cockpit left side frame, lower left of pilots seat
Replace pilots seat with better quality 3D printed seat (Gaspatch) 
Remove the pre-molded clock from top, left side of the instrument panel
Add representation of the clock above magneto switch at lower left of the instrument panel
Remove compass and its housing from between the pilots foot boards
Add blip switch cable to rear of control column and under pilots foot boards
Add all visible cockpit bracing wires and control cables (rudder, ailerons and elevators)
Add modern four point safety harness in addition
Fit kit supplied lap straps behind the pilots seat
Add ‘Bunnie’s’ flying certificate to the map holder.
Also the engine is the Le Rhone 9J (supplied in the kit (pre-orders only).
The engine was built as supplied, apart from replacing the valve push rods with Nickel-Silver tube and adding spark plug lead using Modelkasten 0.6 (0.13mm) line,











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Hi all
When daylight from above passes through the clear doped linen covering of this aircraft, the internal structures and bracing wires can be seen as shadows


To represent this effect, a combination of roundel decals, masking and painting and the addition of appropriate decals from the 'Xtradecal' Black Stripes (XPS1) set was used
These will be airbrushed over to blend them with the base colour to create the shadow effect






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Hi all
The basic decals for the structure and rib tapes has been applied
The top surface tapes are 'Xtradecal' parallel white stripes (XPS2) decals.
The underside tapes are cut from 'Aviattic' Off White on Linen (ATT32241) decal
These were all 'faded' back with a light airbrushed coat of ‘MRP’ Clear Doped Linen (MRP-256) 
The kit supplied roundels were then applied
The surfaces still need to be weathered slightly








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