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Bf 109G-10 "Green 4" of 11./JG 300...


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The only photo known to me is inconclusive. http://www.jg300.de/mysteries.html


If I had to make a guess, I would say Erla G-10 for a couple of reasons. The shape of the upper cowl at the rear and the position of the gun trough seems typical for Erla, and the hole over the luggage compartment has the more open and rounded curve at the top. Furthermore, JG300 received a lot of the Erla G-10's. The detail and colour of the Wappen and the choice of green for the tactical number seem highly speculative, although granted that the Eagle Editions people have much wider access to those who could confirm these specifics.




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Steve & Mike,

 The old Broken Eagles 2 calls it out as Blue. Its the same photo that you gave. That's not my feeling just some trivia. But I do agree that it probably is a Erla though because of the top of  side panel being almost a straight line where the panel is missing in the back of the cowl gun panel. Though the painting on the Eagle Editions sheet is a more accurate depiction of the color separations compared to the color profile in the Broken Eagle

    Mike Horina

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That's not an Erla built G-10. The oil filler hatch on the nose is in the lower position indicating a G-14/AS. The general look of the camo is more in the style of Mtt Regensburg IMHO.



Anders, welcome to LSM! I picked up both of Roy's sheets for the Erla G-10 so now the quandary is deciding which one!

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