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1/35 Academy Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer

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So I thought I would do a quick Armour test run prior to the Eastern Front Armour build kicks off..




I picked this Hetzer of Ebay the other week for $25 including shipping from Korea... Looks like a good kit to start off with.. I'm planning no AM Parts on this, bar a replacement barrel and Mantel from DEF Model




Planning to crack the lid off tonight or tomorrow!

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Time for some photo's!


So the construction of the Hetzer took place over two Tuesday nights at my mates place during our weekly modelling night/get together.. It built up really quickly without any issues, maybe 3/4 hours... Really nice feeling to have something built so fast and ready for painting. The DEF manlet nd Barrel Set had no instructions, but I managed to get by..






So paint wise, I will be using the Ammo range




First time I have used tried this or anything else like it, Primer when on quite well... but I did have some issues of it creating little pools in some areas




it covers resin and metal well also




This morning I have just painted the Rotbraun (Red Primer) as the base, once dry I will start masking off the camo with a J's Model Works mask set.





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Its different to what I am used too. Took me a while to spray the way I wanted them to... as I did have some issues where is kinda pooled in small circles.


I currently am writing a review for them so have somethnig up very soon!

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