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Junkers J.I

James H

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Ok, ok! 


I've been shamed and needled into doing this one, so even though I won't be starting this for a number of months (after the Ju 88C-0), I will be building the J.I in the scheme that was carried by the only surviving machine in Canada. Here is an image of the actual machine as it is, followed by one of the aircraft, shown on IPMS Canada's web page.


At the moment, this is the only reference I have to go on. If you can supply any more, I'd be very grateful ;)





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Glad to see your fired up Jim! As mentioned to you prior there are some great shots of it in current state on the refennce pages on the Wingnut Wings website and few threads on old Aerodrome forum that is worth checking out!

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Fascinating aircraft and nice choice! The wings always remind me of a garden shed roof.....


I think that's what they used ;) Strange material, but with a lot of lateral and transverse strength.

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