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Land Lease Churchill MkIII


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This will be my entry.




AFV Clubs MkIII. Picked it up at Modelkraft show at the weekend from under a table. Came with AFV's moveable tracks and the kit already has a turned metal barrel along with soviet markings for winter. There was also RB's brass machine guns in with it so a good find all round for £30.


Also picked up the ET etch set for it. Will get either the minicraft or dragon tank rider figures and go with a small dio along the lines of this pic.





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So today I started the build








Couple of hours work and the running suspension is done. Very cool system with actual springs employed so the tracks will be fully articulated. Top pieces still to be glued down.


First bit of armour I've built in probably 30 years and must say it's great fun.



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