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​Have started 2 job projects to try to get the AMS shakes calmed down a bit. I bought the Trumpeter R35 and R39 kits from Sprue Brothers. As alway Gordon, pleasure to keep my USD's in the US. Just wish they would allow pre-order. Both are really poor kits. Fit is bad and contact points for glueing are minimal. But, you get what you pay for. The Bronco are much better as I'm sure the Hobby Boss is also. I will mark the R35 as Syrian and the R39 for the 82 IDF "Russian" Tank Brigade during the 1948 Israeli War of Independence. Don't know how yet. But that's my intention. Both kits are oob. Lots of sanding. Primed with my usual Tamiya Fine Surface Primer. On the kit vinyl tracks it was suggested to try the Rust-o-leum paint for plastic. Primarily made for plastic patio furniture so it is flexible. We shall see. The paint is black then I oversprayed with MM enamel rust. Weathering later. I painted the IDF vehicle with MM Field Drab and the Syrian MM Medium Field Green with Tamiya Dark Yellow camouflage stripes.























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​Wasn't happy with the turret slogans. It was paint pen on a gloss surface. So I removed it and repainted the turret then flat coated it. I reapplied the slogans with a hite Primsacolor pencil then gloss coat for for detail painting and washes. Overall length of turret is right at 2 inches so building a Leopard 2 sounds very appealing right now.











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