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WnW Roland D.VIb

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It is BSK time at Scale Models Wellington. The club voted for the Rolands in the large scale aircraft group so I have gotten underway with the magnificent Roland D.VIb.


I plan to finish it as per the box-top art and build it straight from the box.


This is my first WIngnut Wings kit and it sure is fun to build. The plywood will be a challenge as will be the big lozenge decals.




Here is the cockpit and engine bay work.


The cockpit sides were painted using Tamiya XF-3 Yellow which was the over-painted by brush with Tamiay XF-59 Desert Yellow. Once dry it was dry-brushed, using a stiff brush, to add some wood-grain effect with Tamiya XF-10 Brown. Then a light wash with Flory white.


The engine bay is Tamiya SF-76 Gray Green (IJN) and washed with Flory black.


The seat belts are Mr Hobby H85 Sail Cloth and washed with Flory grime.










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I added some Desert Yellow to Yellow to make a sort of Mustard colour for the first colour of the plywood sides.




The wings are painted gloss white in prep for the lozenge decals.





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I sprayed some random patterns of a slightly darker mix of the Mustard over area where nail lines appear and in areas where I think the aircraft would have been handled by grubby hands.


Then drybushed Desert Yellow over the fuselage to add some "grain". It looks ok, but needs some lighter colour dry brushed over it and some light wash to highlight the edges of each long wooden shell part.


I'll probably add a coat of Clear Yellow or Orange or both over the top once I am happy with the grain.


Hopefully that will happen this weekend.


I've repainted the wings with the Sail colour and they are glossed and ready for the Lozenge decals.




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A day's work.


Mr Hobby Clear Yellow applied to fuselage this morning and then onto the underside lozenge.


It is the wrong lozenge because I misinterpreted how they are supposed to be applied and tried to apply the correct one span-wise. They just didn't look right and after a few minutes worked out what the dotted lines and arrows meant on the instruction sheet and these are applied chord-wise.


I haven't wasted any lozenge decal but there doesn't appear to be enough to cover the ailerons.


Tailplane and engine are not permanently attached yet.


Top surface lozenge is tomorrow's task.






The last pic is a close up for Sasho.  Check out the previous post for how I did it. No oils, just dry brushed Tamiya colours. Obviously still have to detail the hatches and fittings.

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Upper surface lozenge decals applied and rib tapes applied today.


Fuselage has had the decorations added and first work done on the grey green hatches and panels on the port side with some interpretations by myself.



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Another weekends' work.


Rib tapes complete. What a job that was. The tape decals didn't like sticking properly to the lozenge decals. Nothing a coat of clear couldn't fix. The rest of the tapes then went on really well.


I needed to strip back the white stripe on the fuselage so out came the Ammonia, lots of masking and some touch-ups required on the plywood. Just applied the Yellow, then some Desert Yellow and then Clear Yellow and all was well again.


Remasked for the white and then black but some peeling on of the plywood again and hence the patches. I'll let them dry overnight and do the next steps again. Should come up ok.







Should be able to get the decaling finished this week and then put her together.


Then the fun of rigging.

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Still lots of work to do and few modelling repairs to do but she is taking shape with the lower wing and tailplane attached.


I dulled down the brightness with Tamiya Smoke but I think I have overdone it. It can't be toned down unless I start from scratch, so it is going to be a very dirty little aircraft indeed.




The dark patch on the underside of the wing is where I must have had some thinner or paint on a finger and it went straight through the Smoke. A field patch might fix it.


I'll probably leave the port side engine cowling off to show more engine detail.




More smoke to be added as one side looks dirtier than the other.






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On the run home with this one now.


Top wing went on like a breeze and the remaining fittings have been added.



I'll let the wings and struts set overnight and then add some oil streaks and mud spots in appropriate places.















A free plug for the great guys at WingNutWings. :)



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Complete and sitting happily in the cabinet.


This is a fantastic model of an interesting aircraft that I didn't realise has a presence about it until I finished it.


Rigging done using black EZY-LINE and just used some Brass paint to simulate attachment points.



















Hats off to the WnW guys for producing such a great kit of an impressive subject.

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