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Crashed ME 109 G-6 Somewhere in Norway...

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Hi everyone,


I posted this on another forum I'm a member of already but I wanted to put it up here since I've been a lurker and haven't posted much and want to join in more (I hope thats not bad form if so please let me know and I'll only post up in one).  Hopefully I'll be getting more time to model after an upcoming move to new house with a killer basement with tons of space.  I will also be setting up a super basic DIY photo table so at least there is a uniform background and the pics will be a little better.


This is a diorama I've been working on and off for the last year since I always seem to have tons of half finished projects going. It's a Revell 1/32 Messerschmitt 109 G-6 that I really rushed to build and didn't take the time to sand and fill and fit everything the best. I know there are some errors that I went on with anyways (wing root paint, ect). I kinda knew I wanted to turn it into a snow dio anyways and thought most of it would be all covered up anyways.  


Here's the diorama base and plane. I built the base with modeling clay and some rocks and painted it. I've started to apply some static grass in one corner to test out a static grass flocker I just bought. The whole base will get a coverage in the grass before I weather up the plane and add the snow.

By the way I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on snow products. I've been looking at that Precision Ice and Snow product but holy hell it's expensive, and they want 16 pounds to ship to the US.  That would be like almost $70 to get it, more than a lot of great kits... Maybe we could get them to do a special bulk order for us US peeps and cut us a deal.   Otherwise anyone have any other input (Andrea miniatures, Woodland Scenics, Deluxe Materials, ECT)

Also any other comments and hints on anything would be great I'm always learning!

Thanks and cheers,

Ben Bodenhamer


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Hi everybody,

Thanks for all the kind words. It's crazy this is my first attempt at a diorama and just when I thought I had all the tools and ancillary items for straight up modeling I get sucked into this and tons of other cool stuff to start collecting. What a fun (money sucking haha).

I was able to get some work done on the base despite it being around 100 degrees in my outside work shed.

I got the whole base flocked with a mixture of mostly autumn and a touch of late summer grasses. I went over a few spots to get a little heavier coverage and patch some spots that didn't get filled completely. I'm pretty happy with it especially since I'll be adding some mud and of course snow to everything.

I'll be adding some mud to the areas where the plane would have touched down and dragged the ground as well as to the underside and edges of the plane.


@Cees B I think I am going to bite the bullet and go with the Precision Ice and Snow product for the snow since I will mostly be replicating lighter fallen snow It looks better. 


@Matt thanks for the heads up on that post I forgot all about it and it is a great one esp for snow ideas.  





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  • 3 months later...

Hi everyone sorry for taking so long to get back posting up here.  I'm totally impressed with those of you how are posting things all the time I can barely get the actual modeling in let alone take pics and write something about it.  


I've been back working on this dio a little bit in the last few months finishing up some weathering and adding some judd to the aircraft.  


Here are a few pics.  








Next I'll be laying down some layers of snow over the base, then some muddy snow over the mud on the ground and plane and more snow over the whole thing.  I'm going to try and get it to drift and even runnel a little on one side of the plane since I'm envisioning this in kind of an alpine environment.  


Thanks for looking and have a great weekend.  




Ben Bodenhamer

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