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Hasegawa 1/48 Hawker Hurricane Mk I as an aircraft from 56 Squadron


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This is my Hasegawa 1/48 Hurricane Mk I built almost OOTB. I found the build quite trouble free and a lot easier than dealing with the Italeri kit.
I didn't like the line from the windscreen to the spinner as it looked to straight to me. I sanded it down some and replaced the nose bulges that had to go when I tried to fix the shape. The shape problem seems to be most visible with the De Havilland spinner that I used, I checked my second kit and with the Rotol spinner on, especially with the oil collector ring, the shape does look better.

The model is painted with Vallejo and Tamiya for the black and white, Games Workshop Mithril silver and then Xtracrylix Dark Green and Dark Earth. I really liked the look of the Xtracrylix colors. I faded the dark green with Tamiya RLM Grey and the Dark Earth with Tamiya Buff. Additional weathering was done by post shading and silver pencil. I also used Tamiya Buff to simulate the light staining from the exhaust and I think it worked nicely.

Decals are mainly Aviaeology but the code letters are from xtradecal. I used Italeri decals for the under wing roundels. This aircraft has been captioned differently in various publications but given the combination of markings the most likely timeframe would be the last weeks of May of early June 1940. Still a fitting aircraft to post given the date!




















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