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Airfix 1/24 scale Hawker Typhoon in flight

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I have been soooooo busy that I haven't found time to post on here for some time. 2 of the things that have kept me busy are building the wonderful Airfix Typhoon and the other is getting the paint masks for it fianalised. The masks will be a promotional set at some stupid discount. At the moment I am tweaking the camo masks and then they will be ready; I am also doing final tweaks on the packaging and instructions then I will give the printers the go ahead. As I am trying to get the Tiffie built for Telford I am doing it wheels up, in flight with the prop spinning. I had hoped to have a pair of rockets firing but I don't think that I will have the time to achieve that! I just have the cockpit surround and the panels around the radiator and engine to fit and then we are good for painting, but I need to finish the tweaks on the camo before painting can start. Here it is on the stand that I have for it; ignore the writing this will be changed, of course.






And with the camo masks on, this is before the wings and fuselage were glued on.



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Hello Mal,


your Tiffie will look just fine in a steep dive and a turning propeller, as i have said before, you can write me down for two sets.

My current build of the Tiffie is now nearly ready to get some paint, so drop me a line once you've got them ready please






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Looking sweet Mal. How long before you nail the mask sets? I think I am possibly two weeks from paint on mine. 


I'll be doing the shark-mouth machine, and it'll be sitting on the Airfix stall at Telford, so it'd be good to have used your set for that build. 

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Hi Guys sorry for not posting sooner, I'm just too busy!


I spent last week tweaking the camo masks, they are now bang on :) I also spent 3 days trying to get the 13 elements into 2 A5 sized sheets and, above all the odds I actually managed it B) This means that they will require less material so I can do them cheaper :) I need to get that done before I could decide on the overall price. I'm still working on that but I am aiming for less than £30.00! I know that seems a lot but the sets would work out a hell of a lot more if I didn't take 30-35% off. Just to remind you the promotional set consists of:


Camo masks.

D-Day stripe helpers.

Roundel set.

Canopy, clear parts and wheel masks set.


Codes and serials and possibly nose art That depends on which machine you are building) can be claimed for your particular machine, also at a discount and post free! Yes I'm mad, I know :blink:


I have decided to get 100 sets of the packaging printed so there will be a maximum of 100 sets in the is promotion. The price for every thing will be a set price and it will be for everything only. But at the price they will be a bargain as, for example, the camo masks alone would be £20.00+ (2xA5 sheets). If I do manage to sell all 100 sets, then any after that will be at the full price.



I will send you a set of the camo masks and the canopy and wheel masks? I will be doing the sharks mouth version for Steve Budd but I won't have them ready in time as I haven't started them. I can do you the roundels, fin flash and codes and serials though? Drop me an email with your answer on these as its unlikely that I can get back here for a while again!

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