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  1. Miracle Paint Masks

    1/32 Avro Lancaster COCKPIT PREVIEW BUILD

    That looks pretty damn good, even for a test shot!
  2. Miracle Paint Masks

    PREVIEW: 1/32 Avro Lancaster B. Mk.I

    I'm also glad that HKM have been taking their time with the development of this. It's looking stunning now and it will be something else when the surface detail is added. One very happy bunny Thanks for this look Jim. Looks like I need to crack on and finish up my camo masks for the Lancaster!
  3. Miracle Paint Masks

    Airfix 1/24 'Car Door' Hawker Typhoon test shot...

    Now that does look very good
  4. Miracle Paint Masks

    1:32 Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIc

    Another great review. I will be getting one of these It is nice to see a set of masks for markings available at a good price and I would be very interested to see how the material used actually works. It will also be interesting to see if the material separates at the cut? I personally will be getting my paint masks custom made
  5. That looks very good Ralph, I especially like the painted on markings
  6. Miracle Paint Masks

    1/32 HK Models Mosquito B Mk.IV

    No I'm not suggesting that the camo is wrong, I have seen the camo like this but I worked from the D.H drawing Z98590, which is the same pattern but the colours are transposed I.E. the grey is where the green is (on your model and in the profile) and visa versa. I have had a few requests for camo masks and that's when I noticed this. I thought that it might be a change between bombers and fighter bombers but I can't find conclusive evidence either way. A line up of 105 Sqn MkIVs show the camo this way, but other pics show it with the grey where you have the green, so you are correct. I am trying to pin down a scheme that I want to do with opposite scheme.
  7. Miracle Paint Masks

    1/32 HK Models Mosquito B Mk.IV

    Very nicely done Jeroen I'm a bit concerned that I have discovered that there appears to be 2 styles of camo, both the same pattern but colours reversed. My mask set is based on covering the ocean grey, but in the opposite locations to yours and Jim's build (the green!). I have been checking and it does appear to be the case, but I am worried that I have missed something and it is driving me nuts! It is simply a case of using the masks to mask off the green rather than the grey, but I suspect that most would want to paint the grey first? Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Worrying about this is the reason that I haven't finished the canopy masks
  8. Miracle Paint Masks

    1/32 PZL P.11c

    I can't wait
  9. Hi Guys, I am trying to find out the serial number of Adolf "Sailor" Malan's Spitfire Mk IX, not his Mk I (ZP-A) and not his MkV (AG-M) but his MkIX, which was coded AGM. I have one photo of him in the cockpit, the A is hidden by the entry door, but the serial isn't shown! I have done many searches but all I get is the Mk I and V. This is for a mask set that I am doing for Dani Zamerbide Any help with this would be much appreciated
  10. Ralph, I forgot to mention in our email conversations that you might need to de-tack the masking material over a silver finish. It shouldn't be a problem straight on to the silver, but paint can lift if it is painted over a silver/NMF. It might be worth doing a test piece, which as been treated the same as the model? This looks very nice, a nice smooth silver finish (high speed silver); a dark grey or medium grey wash might just be all that it needs? Not in the same league as your model of course but this is the Airfix Spitfire Mk 22 finished with Humbrol silver (11) and with a medium-dark grey wash, which dirtied up the airframe just about right. Honestly the photo doesn't do it justice! I am also embarrassed that I used decals on this! ATBMPM
  11. Miracle Paint Masks

    1/32 Spitfire Mk I QJ-K K9998 "First light"

    Thanks everyone Nick, that is news to me? The IFF fit did change, but with the comprehensive plotting organisation used during the battle, it would have been pretty useless if the "plots" couldn't be identified; hence the reason for the IFF antenna?
  12. This is the Revell Spitfire Mk II finished as a Mk I. All of the markings are painted on and it represents the first Spitfire to be flown by Geoffrey Wellum, the youngest pilot to fly Spitfires during the Battle of Britain, QJ-K K9998. ] Mr Wellum lives in Mullion, Cornwall, less than 2 minutes from me so I built this for the Mullion Heritage centre. The passage is from his book "First Light" and they are the first paragraphs describing his first flight. If you haven't read this book then you are missing out. The book with a 1/72 scale model, also with painted on markings sat on top
  13. Miracle Paint Masks

    In need of new workbench ideas

    I've ordered some of this modular stuff, it does look to be the dogs
  14. Miracle Paint Masks

    1:32 Focke-Wulf Fw 189A-1

    I will be getting one of these I have their Walrus and although these kits are expensive they are certainly worth it
  15. Miracle Paint Masks

    Fw 190F-8

    Very nice Jim, I have one of these on order I am currently building the Hasegawa A-5 and this looks to be a better kit, certainly fit wise!