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Can't use copy / paste function

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Morning all. I frequent a number of sites, and would like to post a few things here, however I have a technical glitsch. Unlike any other site I don't seem to be able to 'paste' anything I've copied, including image links from photobucket. The only way I can get anything to stick is to type it all out, key-by-key, as I'm doing now. Is there some setting or function I'm overlooking? 

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Hi RB,


have you tried Ctrl+V? This is how I paste here and no problems so far. Regarding the images, it seems that you have to add them again one by one via the painting button on the bar above the "post reply" field. It seems it doesn't work if you just paste the links with etc.

I hope this helps



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OK, maybe this might work.


When you go to post click the little switch in the top left corner of the window. This will grey out all the options on the toolbar. This should then allow you to paste links etc into your post.


This is how I always do posts with links.



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