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Junkers Ju 88D-1 in US markings.

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Hi all,


Recent months on LSM haven't been too kind to me with maintaining build logs and having to postpone and in lots of cases, cancel entire projects. If you expected to see that Fokker D.VII, it won't happen yet. If you were waiting for the Me 410, it won't happen yet. If you were waiting for the 1:48 He 219, it won't happen yet. I think you get the idea. My time isn't running in a linear manner, and commitments have often seen things constantly shift. 


In an attempt to break deadlock, I'm rolling a project I've had in the sidelines for a long time; a Junkers Ju 88D-1. This is essentially an 88A-4, but with a few very minor external changes. The machine's main differences are in areas we simply won't see. 


Where the real change here is that this machine will carry AMERICAN markings, and odd ones too. Camouflage is actually of the RAF desert type, with an azure blue underside. Check out that US flag too!


I'll use the Revell Ju 88A-4 kit, along with Eduard's BIGED set and Brassin resin wheels. Profimodeller will supply the tail wheel and main gear wells. Exposed fuel tank will be from CMK.


I'll ask Mal to make masks for this, as 1:32 decals don't exist.


I hope you like it.











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Nice subject James


Here's a litlte detail on how the aircraft got into British, then American hands:


The airplane on display, a Ju 88D-1/Trop (later designated Ju 88D-3), is a long-range photographic reconnaissance version modified for tropical use. Known as the Baksheesh, it was the best known Ju 88 of the 15,000 built. 


Completed in June 1943, this aircraft was delivered to Romania, an ally of Germany during WWII. In July 1943, a disillusioned Romanian pilot flew the aircraft to Cyprus to defect to British forces there.


The British Royal Air Force turned over Baksheesh to the U.S. Army Air Forces. After Wright Field test pilots flew the aircraft extensively, the USAAF stored it in the Arizona desert after the end of WWII. Shipped to the museum in January 1960, Baksheesh is painted in the Romanian Air Force markings it carried in July 1943.


This is a photo recon machine and you'll need to add camera ports. I think these are still just visible in the underside view above. Just aft of the rear bomb bay (may not be their location as I thought the cameras were in the rear bomb bay.?). John from AIMS did a nice conversion and scratched up the camera area (doesn't produce it AFAIK) but here's a link to his work




This'll be an interesting variant in an even more interesting scheme.



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FYI - I will be using the ProfiModeller Wheel Well and Tail Wheel upgrades on my Mistel Ju88.  If I ever finish my FW190 and Jug! 


So I will either join the "pain" of the Wheel Well and Tail Wheel or One of us will benefit from the other who starts first. :)

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