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Zoukei-Mura 1:32 Horten Ho 229

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I finally have time back to big scale.  :D

When I noticed the Horten Ho 229 long time ago, there were 1/48 Dragon kits and couple of 1/72 kits on the market. I was not interested with small scale Ho 229 and the Dragon kits were hard to find. Finally I heard that Zoukei-Mura planned to have 1/32 Ho 229. After I saw some photos of their Ho 229, this Ho 229 became to my must have.

I got this kit two months ago. After opened the box, I was surprised how complicated it is. Then I decided that I am going to build this kit out of box. Just enjoy a simple way to build a complicated kit. Hope you enjoy this build with me.


Zoukei-Mura SWS No.08 1:32 Horten Ho 229

Prepared and cleaned these parts for an engine of Ho 229.

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Anzo, thanks for sharing this with us. Be gentle.....those frames look complex.


I know.  Building these frames is going to be a challenge and lots of fun.



Cant wait to see more....

I need this kit...


Go for it.  B)



That is SOOOO cool!  Love the blading and diaphragms!  I might get one of those just for the compressor section for work.


I am thinking to get one more engine and cut it for display.


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