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1/76 Scale T34 diorama, built in 1975

Colin Forbes

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This is a diorama I built with my dad, who tells me it was in 1975 when I was nine years old. I vividly remember the idea of two airfix T34`s in the snow, one behind the other, both turrets looking off center, one left, and one right. I wanted the front tank to be going over a slope, with it`s gun at lowest elevation looking down.




The tanks had crashed through a fence, which my dad made out of matchsticks and wire.




My dad made the groundwork out of cement, and believe me, that this thing is quite heavy.





He made the track prints in the snow, which, as a kid I loved.






My dad is a joiner, and he made a beautiful hardwood base, nicely varnished which looked great in our living room....my mum did not mind!

The tank in front was the one that I built, my dad`s behind, you can tell mine from the adult version because mine obviously has "T34" on the engine cover and has the sprue nibs on the wheels LOL.




Although looking very rudimentary to me now, I love it`s basic look, and it gives me warm memories of modelling in my younger days, of which sadly only this has survived.

I would love to replicate this now in 35th scale, or even in Trumpeter`s 16th scale, now that would be a project...........



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Your diorama is so cool! I also began building models seriously in 1975 with my Dad. I still have the first model we built together, a P-39, although it's quite beat up now (it flew a lot missions around my room as a kid). Good times!




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