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Revell 1/32 Hawker Typhoon (Vintage)

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Started this vintage 1/32 Revell Hawker Typhoon kit. Should be great fun!!




Started the engine work last night by drilling out the exhaust stacks. Going to send the engine down to the paint shop for priming this morning and then start the detailing process. This will be great practice for my upcoming WNW D-Vll build in 2015!!



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Your'e really are a production line type of Modeller Ralph.

I like it, I have this one on the go too. An oldie but still a goodie.


 I agree Cees an oldie but still a goodie. LOL I'm a retired person production line!! I'm busy still with all sorts of things but always make bench time!!!

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Damn Ralph- you make these old kits sprout to life!


I realy enjoy your threads- you alwas tackel new "Firsts" and push your self, It rubbs of I tell you!


Well done!


Merry christmas Ralph




Thank you Ted that's very kind of you to say!

Merry Christmas to you also!

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Started the Edward seatbelts. Thank God for my magnified hood, lol!!




Finished Installing the Edward seatbelts today and joined the fuselage halves! Starting to look a bit like a Typhoon!!




The fit was pretty good but looks like a day or so of filling, sanding and re-scribing!!





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Winging it today!!! Wow the fit of the four piece wing to the fuselage was very nice. Hardly a gap anywhere!!!




Very pleased with the wing to fuselage fit!! I honest was holding my breath but was really pleasantly surprised with how well the fit has been so far!!!




It maybe premature but so far this vintage Revell kit has been well behaved!!




I love vintage Revell kits, lol!!!

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Goot to see you enjoying this old gem. The old Revell kits (and some other classic brands) are still a very good choice to build your favourtie subject.



Thanks Cees! This kit has great detail for an inexpensive Revell kit.The rivet and panel line detail is wonderful of course not to the level of the new 1/24 Typhoon but pretty good for a vintage kit!!

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