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WIP - Revell 1/32 Junkers Ju 88A-4

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This is a project that I started just before New Years. It has been progressing slowly and is now on hold while I finish another project for a SIG build at another forum. Here's my progress so far:


Cockpit coming along



Plywood detail - quite happy with how this came out



90% there, still need to get seatbelts done plus washes and weathering



Other odds and ends have also been assembled but this has occupied most of my time so far. One thing for sure, I had forgotten just how huge a 1/32 scale aircraft could be over the years!

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At first I had painted it RLM 66 as well, but then I found some photos that showed some painted and some in bare wood. I decided that the bare wood adds a bit of interest to the cockpit area - with all that RLM 66 it looks a bit dark and dreary otherwise!

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Finances (or the lack thereof) dictate primarily OOB builds for me. I'll get AM bits when and where I can, such as seat harnesses and other small stuff. Full PE/resin detailing is beyond my means, unfortunately. :(

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You don't need them, this looks good as is.. add some wiring from the sideconsole/throttle quadrant and the same behind the instrument panel and nobody Will see the difference:)


I'm fiddeling with mine too, but are kind of stuck with the canopy framing and sunshades... tricky, tricky!


Anyway- I think your pit looks great





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Thanks! Definitely still a work in progress. 99% of the time I've spent on this model so far has been working on the cockpit. there's so much "glass" that you can't afford to not take the time to make it look good!

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A couple of months back I was working on the instrument panel, applying decals, when I noticed that I had forgotten to paint the instrument bezels. Quickly corrected that minor omission but the paint was taking so long to dry that I decided to help it along by applying a little heat. I pulled my 50 watt halogen lamp down to provide heat - and promptly got distracted. Oops...




I immediately ordered a replacement from Revell, but because it's a Revell-Germany kit it took a bit of time for the replacement to ship. Got it in the mail today so I'm all set to resume work on the kit once my Tiger I build is out of the way.

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