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1/32 ZM SdKfz 2 Kettenkrad

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So looking for something over the weekend in my stash, I came across this hidden in one of my large kit boxes, and I totally forgot I had it..


Pulled it out and then next then I knew.. it was built up. For those that haven't seen the kit. Its has about 50 odd parts hence it building up so fast.. I got most of it painted in the little about of spare time I had this weekend.I will need to take some more pics of it tonight once the paint all dry... But here is the main construction of of the kit built up.













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So I have been a little slack on this over the last week... But got some progress on it now..


You can't see much of the engine once its in.. So I only painted the front end that is seen. I used Mr Metal Iron for this. You spray it on and its all dull...




and then you can take a rag or cotton bud and polish it up to get a nice finish..




The front body didn't fit to nicely, but a bit of Tamiya putty and then nail polish remover did the trick nicely...




I used Mr Color Dark Yellow as called out in the instructions for the body work, Mr Metal Dark Iron for the tracks. The wheels didnt want to fit correctly so I had to hold them in place for a while. And of course... I got a big dirty glue mark on the side!






Vallejo Leather Brown was used for the base work for the leather on the seat and I lighten it few times to give it a worn look. Black is the base for the Drivers seat and then it was lightly dry brushed with AK Rubber




So thats were it is currently..


Plan this weekend is to give it a gloss coat so I can apply the details and then weathering can proceed!

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