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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Eduard Bf109 E3, Oblt Wilhelm Fronhofer, 9.JG26, Fallen Eagle

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I am planning to build a Few Eduard 109 during this GB... so here is my first one...


Messerschmitt Bf 109E3 9.JG26 (Y10+I) Wilhelm Fronhofer WNr 1184 crash landed Ulcombe 31st Aug 1940..









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I been working way on this in the background.. I have a couple pix to share at the moment as this may just turn into a Mag build...


First task was to make sure I could get the landing gear in the wheel bays... Check!




Aires Cockpit getting final touches..



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Haven't had much spare time with a few things that have been happening.. I have started to apply decals to it.. Most of them are on. Then it will get a another varnish and then I will paint on the Unit Codes and start weathering, hoping to do this tomorrow!





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nice Dave


what do you use as clear coat for decal base?


as Jim will know, i have had some very unexpected (unwanted) results with Mr Hobby Super Clear on top of Mr Hobby paints :(


can't believe i will have to - if you'll pardon the phrase - go 'Back to the Future'! :)

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thanks Dave!

is that thinned with Mr Levelling thinner?


yeah i had a VERY strange occurrence with rattle can super clear gloss over mr hobby paints, over mr hobby surfacer 1500 - the gloss seemed to drag the anzer grey pain away from primer around raised surfaces eg rivets and such like


the effect was actually pretty cool, but should in no way take place!


i said to Jim i will try decanting into cup then airbrushing next time and see what happens - i have just spent $60 on buying loads of rattle can stuff from Seal Models


anyway, back to your very cool 109!



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