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Arado Ar196 - replacement canopies finally available


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we know that the Revell Ar196 is a wonderful kit, brought down only by its canopy, and the seemingly incomprehensible decision to mould it with a prominent seam across the glazing.... :( 


anyway, although it has taken 2 years + i think for this to come about, we at least have proof now that a/m guys can in fact make canopies! :)  :)  :) 


moreover, it seems that we might have two solutionsthat have suddenly appeared on the market!


one from HPH Models


these guys made a full resin kit of the Ar196 at round about the same time as Revell - awesome kit, but baaaaaaaaad timing / product placement: whilst better than the Revell, it is about a million time more expensive, and I reckon they sold only a handful of kits

why if they made the 'original' kit, these wasn't brought out the moment the Revell issue were known is beyond me - everybody lost

anyway, here is a pic:




then we have another one just announced by Alley Cat / A2Zee models  



whether this is the same one as HPH i don't know - the resin looks the same, but the masking is different






we will be contacting A2Zee to try to get a review sample for you (I have the Revell kit in my stash, so can do a decent comparison)


the HPH is €19 but i don't know if shipping is extra - probably is; whilst the A2Zee one is £12.50 plus shipping...





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Hi guys - I bought the revell and hph kits when they first came out plus ordering extra resin canopies from hph to replace the awful revell versions. Just a word of warning. I hope hph have used the revell fuselage for measurements, as their windscreen in particular will not fit the revell fuselage without much (lots) of fettling and filing.


It looks like the A2Z version is a straight change.



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