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1:16 Semi Scratch Sopwith Camel.

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Hi everybody, I am new to this forum and came upon Remcohe's posts on his scratch build

Sopwith Camel.His model is obviously going to be superb.

I am also building a Camel.Mine is based on the Model Expo kit.At least that was my intention!

Having bought the kit I was very disappointed with the white metal castings and thought that I

could improve on them by scratch building my own parts.As I enjoy metal work a start has been made

on the engine.

It so happens that Shuttlewoth Vintage Air Museum is not too far from me and they were completing 

a build of a full size replica and they also had a Clerget engine that I could measure and take photos

of providing that they were for my own use.

A start has now been made on the engine but progress is slow.It is being constructed out of silver-steel

and aluminium and hopefully feature working valve gear.Like I said this will be a SLOW build! 


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I'm most intrigued how you are going to build the engine. My metalwork is not good enough to build an acceptable engine and by far not good enough to make it work. I tend to do the engine on a 3D printer, but that said I never did that before too...... We're both in for a lengthy build full of challenges ;)



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Thanks for your replies.

Remco although the valve gear will I hope actually work via cams on the crankshaft, the engine will not actually work.

I intend to have one of the cylinders "cut away" to show the piston and con rod moving.DSC_0381_zpsblxhj4zr.jpg

Cees B.Great idea!



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