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1/48 Bandai AT-ST Imperial Walker

Dave J

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So my middle son and I started this the other week, only doing a about 1 hours work prior to him going to bed each night.. Total time spent on it was maybe 6-8 hours at the most.  I did all the cutting, cleaning up and painting, he did all the fitting of the parts.. Its a really quick build and cheap too. I sure that I could of knocked it off in less time if it was only me building it. You really don't need to glue anything in place, but I found that some of the snap fits were to tight and cause hair line cracks on some of the parts. Then adding a enamel wash caused the parts to fall apart.. So if I was to build another one... I would most likely glue everything and see if that would stop it from braking.

So here is the run down on the build...

Chewy and the base of the body.. I wish I added something to scale it next to!


First leg done and fitted to the base -



Cockpit painted.. I used IJN Grey for the interior and Vallejo paints for the switches etc. I used the AK Interactive Grey Wash for Kriegsmarine ships




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Everything tested fitted -


Stripped and primed with Mr Sufacer Black


So here are the problem bits that a mentioned prior.. There is a crack on the side dome part and the sensor thingy broke into a few pieces after the wash was applied..


And all painted and done! I will make a base for this another day!




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Very nice father and son-work. The washing could be a bit stronger on some parts (piping e.g.), but the overall look is great like it is.


Thank you for watering my mouth. Just ordered mine from HLJ.

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