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  1. I'm very sorry to read those lines. All the best to you and your family. I'm glad no humans got harmed. Tot ziens, Torben
  2. I love Russian naval planes, especially the cold war era jets. Yours is a lovely executed example of a carrier based MiG-29, just stunning. So tell us, how tempted are you by the announcement of a Su-27K by TanModels?
  3. Much inspiring work, Tom. The decals snuggled in perfectly. Also I like that you did not accentuate the panel lines too much. Results in a pleasingly overall look.
  4. Incredible paint job and weathering. If you haven't mentioned the scale in the title, I'd have thought it's the 32nd scale kit. Is it built for a magazine or book?
  5. Always a pleasure when a shelf queen finally enters the stage. I really like your paintwork, looks the part.
  6. You really like the odd ones, don't you? Very nice rendition of a strange looking vehicle.
  7. This is one of those builds you could check with a magnifier and still wouldn't find anything to complain about. The mottling looks absolutely perfect. Congratulations, Sir!
  8. That's something neat and different for sure. I like it!
  9. Thanks for your detailed explanation, Marcel. I've worked with 3d modeling software during my engineering studies, but I think CATIA would be a bit overdone for this purpose - lol! I'll try Blender, again thanks for the hint.
  10. As always a very creative input by yours, Marcel. I'm following your works on FB for some time now and your work impresses me again and again. Can you recommend a provider of 3d prints and a construction software? I think the proper shipping of such delicate parts isn't easy. Have to admit that I'm still a bit sceptical regarding the interactions that may occur between the print material and the primers/colors/weathering materials we modellers use to throw on them. Anyway, have fun with this one!
  11. Indeed very well done. The diverse metal effects are outstanding. Beware, nitpicking: The leaves are a tad too big I think.
  12. Very nice father and son-work. The washing could be a bit stronger on some parts (piping e.g.), but the overall look is great like it is. Thank you for watering my mouth. Just ordered mine from HLJ.
  13. This is hands down one of the best Eduard 190's I've seen. Very clean assembly and a fantastic color finish. May I ask you how you made the brackets for the brake lines? This detail jumped right at me.
  14. Directly before I pulled off the cover foil. I think during drying process the decal itself gets sticky on the lower side, but sometimes the evaporated water leaves small air bubbles between decal foil and kit surface. A gentle rub adjusts that and helps to separate from cover foil. Hope that works. -Oh, and great work so far on your butcher bird!
  15. Hi Rick, I did not use any setting solution when I applied my Fw 190 sheet. I had 2 or 3 decals that gone apart when I pulled off the foil cause I did not rubbed them down properly. I think this is the main point with them: rubbing them down on a gloss surface. A cotton bud is too soft, I did it with a bit of sprue sanded round on one side. Greets, Torben
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