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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1/32 P-39D Airacobra (Revell)

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I usually dont show too much in here so here goes!


 Started working the wheel bays over by adding photo etch with some scratch building and thining.  


This picture shows the rough fit and added some rivets.  The first shows how thick the original plastic is and the second shows it thinned and the styrene empty bucket in place.


I'll be cutting more out of the bucket and add ribs and piping behind it to give it more depth!







This shows some more phototetch added to the nosewheel bay with some scratch buitling tubing.

Also, hard to see in the picture as this is with my phone,  more rivets.  love how they add to the buisiness of it all!





More to Come!  

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Thank You!  I've been working on the fusealge to lengthen it.  It appears that its short in two sections, one before the canopys windscreen and the other just behind the door.  I am working that one out still.  


I decided to try my hand at opening up a couple of the inspections panels and add interest to it.  This is FUN!  


I only wish I had a good camera!  Maybe Santa will bring on this year.  Only problem is I am NOT a good boy LOL!


I started by drilling a few holes then cutting it out.



Then i had A LOT of thinning to do.




The a thin piece of styrene to "bolt" the panel to.  I took more pics but for some reason they didnt show up in my mailing :(




I have to fill the middle hole in the front.  I got carried away with my new micro drills that Rick recommended!!  

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It's been a lot of fun the last couple of weeks as I've been able to sit down and try out some of the new techniques that I've been reading about.  Still need some practice!  


Most of the cockpit parts are finished except for the side panels which will be the task for today!


The lower panel was scrathbuilt.  I found I have to shorten in a little to make the middle and upper panels fit correctly to the side walls.  Should'nt pose to much trouble though.




I started using Formula 560 for gluing the PE parts and its made applying small parts enjoyable!




Using new airbrush techniques, and still have a lot to learn.  


Since joining this group modelling has become fun through the WHOLE process.  I used to loathe certain steps but now...WOW!


Thank all of YOU!




Ill apply the clear coats and add more weather layering today.


The picture below shows the hollowed out wheel bay.  I am plaesed with how its coming out.  All thats needed now is more support to ensure the legs are strong.  


I will add wiring, piping and control linkages to make it busy.  Doubt it will ever be seen, but it was the effort for my education!




Thanks for looking






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