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Monty's Humber Super Snipe, Europe, 1944/45 - Airfix 70's revisited


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Hi All,

Here's Airfix's ancient 1:32 "Monty's Humber" Super Snipe.

This vehicle is based on pics of the car Montgomery used in Europe in 1944/45. After researching the net it appears he used 2 different Humbers - an earlier model in which he used fighting the war in the African theater and a later version - which was destined to be used from D Day until the end of hostilities in Europe. Apparently the story goes that the latter vehicle was dropped into the sea off France whilst being unloaded - the vehicle was then immediately recovered & rebuilt in an extremely short space of time. I dare say, heads did roll.....

Anyhow, It appears Airfix used the later version Humber kept in a U.K museum (both cars STILL exist!) due to the lack of fuel can racks etc. However, there is numerous "museum fittings" that Airfix have included which I removed for this one. I also scratchbuilt blackout covers for the headlights, remade the horn, added a carbine rack (carbine yet to be fitted) & numerous other kit part tidy-ups. I rolled & sculptured a thin layer of Tamiya 2 part putty out & laid it over the cheesy rear canvas hood to try & make it look less obvious.

Tamiya paints were used to finish the Humber, with MIG pigments used to simulate dirt/dust, oils were used here & there to add the odd chip/scratch - I tried to keep it restrained, can't imagine the good Viscount keeping an unkempt vehicle! Luckily, the kit decals had stood the test of time well & appeared in register, so they were used.

Please ignore any glaring inaccuracies - there are probably several!

Hope you like it.




Dan M












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I did a photographed "The Victory Car" for our walkaround CD range. It's presently on loan with the Coventry Transport Museum on loan from Peugeot. A lovely looking car with a lovely patina to the interior. The museum is well worth a visit, perhaps more so in a few months when certain parts presently closed for refurbishment are re-opened. It's free to enter as well. 


Back to the model, it's good to see a built model of this kit. It's been on the market for years and I can't recall the last time I saw a built one.  I like it  :)

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