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B-25J Ink Squirts


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Well my build will start in the next few days.  I will be doing the B-25J that flew in the Pacific known as the Ink Squirts.  I really love the characters all over the craft making it a very unique build.  I've gotten the kit, the Eduard photoetch sets, resin wheels, decals, and even TBM to get a more accurate engine front and propellers.  I'll post some pics as I go along, but I will forewarn everyone as in the beginning it will be a little slow but should pick up the pace around the summer.  I'm really looking forward to this build!  In the meantime here are some pics of the real deal!










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I got the kit out last week and started taking parts off the sprues.  This thing is huge, but it is also the size I like.  There are a few fit issues with minor warping, but those are easily fixed.  As soon as I get some pieces glued together and some PE applied, I will start posting pics.

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They are from Kits World decals.  I came across them searching their various B-17 subjects.  A note on progress...  I have started on the bomb bay using the Eduard set.  I am about to go cross-eyed, lol.  I lost one piece in the proverbial carpet monster, but it won't be noticed.  I am getting close to applying some color to this part, but I can't find any reference with absolute certainty of the color.  Would it be interior green or aluminum spray?  This is a late war J so the front is all interior green as is probably the rear interior. 

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Will be getting back to this next week.  Have had a few things pop up.  I am hoping it won't take me too long to get all the insides ready for paint.  I am just going to basically paint everything interior green except for a few items will be in bare aluminum.  Really looking forward to getting it buttoned up and starting on the exterior.

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Of curiousity, does Kitsworld support their rendition of 'The Ink Squirts' with any reference?

A few years ago I wanted to include this aircraft in a decal sheet, but a fellow US bomber unit researcher told me that 'Ink Squirts' is believed to be Biosatt's s/n 43-28151 from the 820th BS, though this is not confirmed. At least, it can't be s/n 43-28148, which starboard side we can see in the first photo in post #1, as this B-25J wore a horizontal stripe of the 48th BS (sligthly off topic, the researcher also mentioned that 43-28148 is thought to be 'Wolf Bait', which also had some nice nose art on), whilst 'The Ink Squirts' apparently wore a vertical tail stripe of the 820th BS: http://www.armyairforces.com/FindPost/185491

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