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Seeking James Hatch

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I would like to chat with James Hatch, a builder from the UK, whose wood decal work is featured on the USCHI wood decal web site.  I am planning to tackle the 1/32 Meng Me-163 and replicate wood wings like he has done.  Hatch's work is remarkable and I'd like to pick his brain for how to proceed underneath, because I can find no photos of the undersides of his model.


i have already carefully scribed a few panel lines on the tops of the wings, but there are several bulging parts underneath that shield hinges and I need to learn how he aproached these puppies.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Well, you've come to the right place, Jim practically lives here when in hobby mode. I too strive to complete models to the degree that builders like him can achieve, and can't even come close. Inspirational work indeed! :)

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Hi John,


This one was published in an issue of Tamiya mag. I'll see if there are any underside images, and of course I'll be happy to tell you anything you need to know. I hope you show some of this build here. It'll bring back some memories for this model. Nice kit, but the wing to fuse connection is average.

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