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HOBBY BOSS releasing the Fw 190D-13 "Yellow 10" in 1/48 scale.


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Interesting that Hobby Boss has chosen to release a dedicated D-13 in a injection molded kit.  Unfortunately for me I no longer build in 1/48 but I am currently building Yellow 10 in 1/32 scale, does look to be a very nice kit though.





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Agree, that the 190 D-11 and D-13 would be desirable to have in 1/32 injection molding, if done by the right company of course, which makes me wonder if Tamiya will ever kit the 190 in it's 1/32 series?  The 1/32 Tamiya P-51 and F-4U Corsairs still blow me away every time I look at them!

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I would love to see a 1:32 190, 109 or 262 done by Tamiya that would just be fantastic !!! :wub:    Sure they've been done by Hasegawa or Trumpeter, but given the big "T" treatment it would just be fantastic  :thumbsup2:

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