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Welcome to the Large Scale Luftwaffe forums at Large Scale Modeller!  1/32 scale (and larger) aircraft have really taken off (no pun intended) the last several years and Luftwaffe fans have been fortunate that many of these kits have been in their area of interest.  Of course we have the Bf 109's, Fw 190's and the other staples but also kits like the Ar 196, Ar 234 and the He 219, ten year ago these kits would be considered pipe dreams.  So we've decided to create a forum that focuses on this popular area of modeling.  In addition to your large scale aircraft we'd also love to see your 1/35 scale and larger airfield support vehicles, ground support equipment and figures.  We hope you'll enjoy this expansion of Large Scale Modeller and we hope to see your contributions on a regular basis.  With your help we'd like to make this the place for large scale Luftwaffe modeling.  Enjoy your stay!

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