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Me 163B Komet with Scheuch-Schlepper and Anhänger

Jim H

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Ok folks,


As this is a nice long GB, I reckon I can fit in three models, as one. These will be the Meng Me 163B kit, with a shitload of Eduard and some Aires, along with the rather nice Scheuch-Schlepper and the tracked Anhänger tracked recovery frame. The latter will be reviewed here as soon as Profi send it out. It's not yet released.


Not sure of scheme yet either. Maybe some aftermarket decals. I'm sure I have some somewhere ;)


Anyway...you get the idea from this photo.


I wish I could find figures, and someone paint them for me ;)



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Hello James.  Cracker project.  I thought Zoukei-Maru did some pretty interestingly-sculpted Blackmen figures for their Ta 152, but I can only see an engine maintenance crew set for the He 219 (SW06-FO3) on their website now.  Cheers, Ralph.

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The Volks shop in Tokyo still has most of the 1/32 Z-M ground crew sets available, I can look my next trip up there if you're interested in those.  They're good quality and about the only game in town right now except for the one Verlinden set.

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